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Honda Powersports

Honda Powersports

The Challenge: Showcase over 70 models in an emotive experience. Shift away from a product centric experience to user centered lifestyle. The client wanted to create a strategic selling tool that also supported owners. They also wanted to integrate the Honda HRCA Racing site into an the overall Honda Powersports experience.

The Result: A simple, intuitive and engaging interface that clearly represented an equal balance between Honda Motorcycles’ target audience perception and the brand vision. With simplified navigation, lifestyle imagery, clear calls to action through the purchase decision model, the site was a major shift forward for Honda.

“Working with UXDesigns was a pleasure and a delight. They were on time, on point and able to work with both vendors and clients alike, which is no small task during our project. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

- Rosalyn S. Bugg, Program Manager, dailey & associates

Voila Hotel Rewards

Voila Hotel Rewards

The Challenge: Create an online self service interface for a startup hotel reward program. The website needed to compete against Expedia and Travelocity with the underlying advantage of offering a cross brand rewards systems for business customers.

The Result: A simple, effective and intuitive interface allowing Hospitality Marketing Concepts to sell their rewards program to many hotel brands around the world and ultimately create a profitable rewards program.

“Ed is an expert user experience architect. I would highly recommend him for an interactive project of any complexity.”

- Peter Gorla, Vice President Program Strategy & E-Commerce, VOILÀ



The Challenge: To improve the visitor to lead conversion, enable SEO performance and convey brand messaging. The site needed to offer clear calls to action, an immerse experience showcasing the WyoTech experience while entice visitors to request more information. The site would need to also convince parents that their child’s training at Wyotech would be a worth while investment.

The Result: The new site set the WyoTech brand experience while drastically inspiring visitors to get more information. Metrics showed users moving from initial area of interest through key pages before making information inquiries. Parents often say they were inspired to take next step after reading career advantages and success stories.

“The conversion on the Wyotech site is through the roof! It’s double enrollment compared to any of our other brands. It has also performed consistently since we launched it.”

- Rolando Mendez – Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing at Corinithian Colleges, Inc.

Barbie Girls

Barbie Girls

The Challenge: Mattel was launching an MP3 player doll to connect to girls as they grew up and shifted away from dolls to consumer electronics. Initially they only wanted a companion website to promote the doll. Social networking and community was just beginning to become popular among “tween” girls. The Barbiegirls site needed to provide an “on brand”, safe, community for girls to interact with content and each other.

The Results: The site was so successful, Mattel is switching away from the MP3 player and focused on V.I.P. membership with a subscription service. In the first year there were more than 700,000 unique visitors.

"The success of BarbieGirls – particularly among older girls, with 85 percent of our registered users over age eight – demonstrates that girls are looking for a new way to play with the brand they love and grew up with, just in a new format relevant to today’s tech-savvy girls,"

- Chuck Scothon, General Manager and SVP, Girls Division, Mattel Brands

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