"It’s all about engaging with great context, making technology invisible, and leaving visitors with a feeling confidence".

Ed has filled various roles from strategic direction, information architecture, usability engineering, and market researcher. Ultimately I have been responsible for creating usable and desirable solutions, on time, and in budget. Having served as consultant and full-time employees for many fortune 500 companies and top Interactive Agencies, I have a proven record of managing diverse teams designing and delivering innovative software solutions. I also have a background as a front-end site developer which I utilize for creating rapid prototypes. Often key user paths are prototyped to facilitate team understanding, perform end user testing and to showcase concepts for key stakeholders and focus groups.

Competitive Analysis

Often a SWOT diagram helps the larger team discuss opportunities and share their vision.


Market Profiling

A high-level market segment slide helps bring the team together. Our conversations now shift from general business goals to target market specifics.

Market Segments

Persona Development

Key members of your target market are thuroughly defined in a persona. Generate great ideas for your target market takes focusing on their needs, desires and enviorment. When you start making design decisions with users in mind good things happen naturally.


Behavior Modeling

Various models are created to both present our ideas and facilitate productive conversations. The diagram below highlights success metrics based on key activities over time.

Behavior Modeling

Concept Modeling

Concept Models are great for visually communicating the big idea. A before and after approach shows how the online experience will shift.

Concept Model

User Need Faciliation

Asking the right questions within specific context is helpful for gathering ideas, identifying missing content and prioritizing functions.

User Needs Model

User Paths

Strategic high-level user paths helps present the big picture, identify pain points and system dependencies.

User Paths


A scenario is written for each persona to highlight needed interactions to complete key tasks.


Scope Matrix

We document each function, each piece of content and key interaction. We use xls documents to organize and then prioritize scope. Everyone loves that we do this so they don't have to.

Scope Matrix

Process Flow

Process Flow diagrams are created for key functions. Each function may link one or more pages or related process flows together. A high-level use case is also written showcasing how the user interacts with the system. Tech teams take these process flows and expand detailed requirements, system dependencies and estimate costs associated.

Process Flows

Site Maps

Designing a sites structure, navigation and organization is often done through iterative site maps. Navigation labels are used to name pages with bullet points for key content and functions.

Site Map


Wireframes capture the strategy at the detail level for each page or page template needed. Wireframes remain focused on content, functions and interactions. Once annotated, wireframes become the cornerstone for both the visual and technology teams.

Wireframe for Honda Powersports Model Landing page Wireframe for Honda Powersports Build and Price page

15 years of client work

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What my clients say...

  • "Ed has been doing Information Architecture for a long, long time, and consequently comes to the table with deep knowledge, experience, and the confidence to tackle any business problem. His attention to detail is fantastic, and his thinking always well considered. Highly recommended.” - Alder Yarrow | Chief Experience Officer at Cibo
  • "Ed is a professional through and through, and a master at his craft. He possesses an innate empathy for the user, which helps him listen, process, then create solutions to achieve goals and alleviate pain points. In a world where common sense is not so common, he infuses logic into that world in order to strike a harmonious balance between user experience, productivity, and results." - Kevin Mautino | Manager, Online Marketing Programs at Arbonne
  • "Ed is an expert user experience architect. I would highly recommend him for an interactive project of any complexity.”- Peter Gorla | CMO & Travel Loyalty Program Executive
  • "Through persona development, IA and usability, he has helped us stay focused on high impact/low cost improvements in order to make the most of our budgets - especially important in today's economic environment. I value his consultative approach and highly recommend his work.” - Denita Raymont | Interactive Manager, Web Services, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies - Americas
  • "Ed expertise and in the area of online customer experience was invaluable to our project. He met his deliverable deadlines on time and frequently accelerated the turn around time. Ed is dependable and takes great pride in providing excellent service.” - Roberto Munoz | Project Manager at Sempra Energy
  • "Ed is one of the most professional and knowledgeable consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. Our client, who is a close friend of mine and sometimes hard to please, has said to me that Ed saved the project we all were working on because of his talent and skill with UI design.” - Mark Geiger | Senior IT Staffing and Solutions Account Executive
  • "Ed is a thinker who can fill in the unknowns. Not only does he know how to ask the right questions, but he can run with it if he doesn't get the right answers. This kind of problem solver is valuable on any team.” - Chris Varosy | Partner, Creative at Primitive Spark

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