"Im passionate about User Experience. I always look to ensure that the final design is flexible, extensible, and comprehensive".

I typically cover holistic user experience designs for web, mobile and internal applications. I am a champion for the user, ultimately responsible usability of the functionality, and achieving usability metrics of a live product.

Occasionally I'll engage on projects where I am responsible for a group of smaller tasks, Site Assessments, Information Accenture, User Research, Comparative Analysis, or just Usability Testing.

My philosophy:

  • Solve the correct problems
  • Present solutions that reconcile user needs, business objectives and technology capabilities
  • Always involve the users
  • Be open to multiple solutions
  • Unknowns are opportunities to find answers
  • Collaborate and validate
  • Visually communicate complex ideas
  • A holistic approach helps with flexibility
  • Everyone is a client
  • Be innovative, yet simple

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My Role

On a project I manage the User Centered Design process.

My typical activities and deliverables include the following:

  • Site Assessment
  • Comparative Landscape
  • Requirements Gathering (client side and users)
  • Analytics Benchmark Testing (including screener, test script and findings reports)
  • Profile and Persona Development
  • Task Model Development
  • Content Organizational Model
  • Concept Model
  • Scenarios
  • Scope Matrix
  • Content Matrix
  • Prototypes
  • Prototype Testing (including screener, test script, top-line and detailed findings reports)
  • Site Map
  • Interaction Flows
  • Screen Details
  • Functional Specifications
  • User Experience Guide
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In Summary

I have worked on commercial websites, games, private applications, mobile applications, Intranets and more in four different languages, on three continents, and with varying budgets.

I have performed over 30 rounds of usability tests and exploratory user research with over 500 people. I have moderated several focus groups, created test screeners, discussion guides and reports. I have also actively observed and taken copious notes with various data logging software.

In the end, I endeavor to ensure that the user centered approach is flexible enough to  suit clients' needs, extensible to fit most budgets, and comprehensive enough to use as  leverage in presenting our recommendations.

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(with HydrantSF)

Task: Re-design homepage

Project Accomplishments:

  • Increased awareness of functionality to audience
  • Reached more users
  • Provided more user driven content

Photobucket Features and Functions Matrix Wireframe Wireframe Sign In Wireframe Return User Wireframe Stand Alone


(with Red Door Interactive)

Task: Site Re-design

Project Accomplishments:

  • Balanced client driven requests with user feedback
  • Performed “remote” user testing
  • Streamlined comparison and buy flow
  • Presented information clearly for challenging target audience
Cricket Home Process Flows Audit Cricket Choices Add Ons Cart Checkout


(with HydrantSF)

Task: Site Launch

Project Accomplishments:

  • Bring an idea like Blurb into the market in a unique position
  • Built a User Experience based on an idea with enough flexibility in the IA deliverables to last through the future
  • Used best practices – live usability testing
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(with Tribal | DDB)

Task: Redesign site – increase conversions

Project Accomplishments:

  • Increased conversions by 300%
  • Created affinity with target audience
  • Incorporated User Centered Design process in a typical “Agency’ environment
  • Worked in highly collaborative client team environment
Wyotech Home Homepage Wireframe Scenario Scenario Wireframe Content Model

Southern California Edison

(with DDB)

Task: Redefine site IA

Project Accomplishments:

  • Created shift in IA paradigm from business structure to customer segment and needs.
  • Evolved previous direction set by Avenue A | Razorfish
  • Achieved buy in for new structure from SCE
  • Cleaned up content; moved, deleted and migrated
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8/1994 - 6/1997 Linen Loft
Role: Freelance Graphic Designer Various Projects for The Randolph Partnership, Take a Seat Fundraiser

6/1997 - 6/1999 Interweb/Think New Ideas/Answerthink
Role: Information Designer : Various BellSouth Accounts, WCW - World Championship Wrestling, Turner Broadcasting, INVESCO Retirement Planning Services, Georgia Technology Online

6/1999 - 10/2000 SAPIENT Corporation - USA
Role: Senior Information Architect
Latin Advisor.com, a procurement portal based out of Columbia South America in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
Guidestreet.com - in short time frame, involving multiple third party vendors.
VitaminShoppe, an online vitamin and holistic health centre.
Hallmark.com Achieved customer satisfaction through recognizing/understanding buying patterns and user expectations of online flower purchasing.


10/2000 - 1/2001 SAPIENT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Sydney, Australia
Role: Senior Information Architect
Corporate Express Comparative Audit


1/2001 - 6/2001 SAPIENT KK Tokyo, Japan
Role: Senior Information Architect
So-Net MR Kun - Pharmaceutical Interface


5/2001 - 12/2004 Different Solutions PTY LTD Sydney, Australia
Role: Senior Information Architect /Team Lead
Colonial First State - site re-design
IAG - intranet
FujiXerox Australia - IA redesign
Hanimex (FujiFilm) - Fujicolor.com.au site re-design
Southcorp - Southcorp.com.au site re-design
BHP Billiton Intranet Concept and re-design

San Diego

1/2004 - 7/2004 Sapient Corporation
Role: Senior Associate User Experience
Sony Electronics ~ B2B eCommerce site

Los Angeles

7/2004 - 08/2005 Nextleft, Inc
Role: Director - Experience Design (also Senior Information Architect)
Countrywide - various initiatives
Purina - website initiatives
ConAgra Foods - website initiatives
Comcast - website initiatives
Traffic.com - Mobility Technologies
Advanta - usability testing
09/2005 - 11/2005 Schematic
Role: Senior Information Architect
UGO.com website re-design http://www.ugo.com

10/2005 - Present UX Designs LLC
Role: Founder/User Experience Specialist

10/15/2005 - 02/15/2006 Blurb.com
http://www.blurb.com (with Hydrant SF)
Role: UE Lead
Start-up website design

02/15/2006 - 06/2006 E! Online (with Hydrant & DDB)
Role: UE Lead

E! Online

08/2006 - 11/2006 Avvenu.com (with Hydrant SF)
Website Re-design/Application Re-design

08/2006 McCabe Interiors
Pro-bono work with owner for trade - simple website design

08/2006 - 11/2006 Norton Healthcare
Website Strategy

2006-2007 Nestle (with McElroy)
Continuing Information Architecture for Nesquik CPG sites
JuicyJuice.com, Very Best Coffee, Nesquik Parent’s Kitchen and Nesquik-cooler
Information Architecture/Interaction Design + collaboration with Designers and Site Developers

2006-2007 Barbiegirls.com (with Studiocom and Mattel)
Role: UE Lead

2006-2007 Wonka.com (with Studiocom)
Role: UE Lead

1/2007 - 3/2007 Gymboree http://www.playandmusic.com (with Hydrant SF)
Role: UE Lead

3/2007 - 5/2007 Wyotech - http://www.wyotech.edu (with DDB)
Role: UE Lead

06/2007 - 06/2008 Honda Motorcycles - http://powersports.honda.com (with Dailey Advertising)
Role: UE Lead/Manager

09/2007 - round 1 to 09/2008 round 2 National University - http://www.nu.edu (with Brick SF)
Role: User Testing Moderator, screener writer, script writer, findings analyst
09/2008 - Testing implemented changes to compare to benchmark.

10/2007 - 04/2008 Southern California Edison http://www.sce.com (with DDB)
Role: UE Lead
Billing Inquiry/Energy Cost Savings Application - how to lower bills - in my account section only
Site-Wide Navigation Re-structure entire website - main idea - separate business and residential content based on customer need.

10/2008 - 12/2008 Participant Media http://www.participantmedia.com
Role: UE Lead
Website Redesign

01/2009 - 03/2009 A Child’s Garden of Thyme
Pro-bono work for trade - simple website design

03/2009 - 07/2009 Cricket Communications
Role: UE Planner Consultant
Redesign the mycricket.com user experience. Change to a stepped process, add functionality, and rounds of user testing.

05/2009 - 07/2009 Corinthian Colleges
Role: UE Lead
Design Student Portal experience for students to login, access dashboard, profile, grades, classes, academic resources - integration with Pluck and Moodle.

08/2009 - 10/2009 Budlight High Five Challenge (with Red Interactive)
Role: UE Lead

09/2009 - 11/2009 Dunn Edwards (with The Phelps Group)
Role: UE Lead
Color Application Tool

02/2010 - 06/2010Linda McMahon Campaign - Activist Center

02/2010 - 09/2010
Corinthian Colleges Intranet
Role: UE Strategy Lead

09/2010Level - EPSON Printer Comparison

11/2010 - 12/2010 Photobucket Homepage and Personalization Redesign

1/2011 - 2/2011 Phelps Group - Panasonic IA

01/2011 - 04/2011 Corinthian Colleges
Planning, Insights and Development Knowledge Portal
Role: UE Strategy Lead

20 years of client work

Comcast E! Online Honda Mattel Norton Healthcare Southern California Edison SONY South Corp Wyotech Cisco UGO Photobucket Blurb Different Sapient Schematic Hydrant Oregon Wild Harvest

What my clients say...

  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Allison on several projects and she has always been a supersatr and pleasure to work with. Allison is a User Experience expert who understands her clients and what drives their customers. - Martin Pedersen | Managing Director at Stellar
  • "Looking for more than just another IA? Looking for an individual that has equal right brain, left brain capabilities? Need a team leader who leads by example? Then look no further.
    I partnered with Allison on dozens of site redesigns while at NextLeft and look forward to working with her again in the near future. - Michael Holmes, RPS | President, Managing Director at Research Design LA
  • "Allison is one of the most innovative, strategic and detailed oriented minds I know. Coupled with her solid understanding of people, this makes her the best IA / UX person I have met to date - and I have worked with many!!! She is also a phenomenal mentor & leader. She is not afraid to take charge of any situation but unlike many leaders, she can also sit back & listen to those around her. Although it was a few years ago, her thoughts, philosophies and methods still inspire me. She is a true genius!!- Sadia Mir | Senior User Experience Designer / Information Architect at ICF Interactive
  • "Allison is an extremely insightful user experience designer and information architect with an uncanny eye for detail in her work. While working with her at Sapient, Allison was able to derive the essence of an interaction design problem and generate usable, useful and desirable solution for the client. I would recommend Allison as a UX designer, information architect or UX professional. - David Garner | Senior Principal UX Designer at Dell

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