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What we do isn’t magic.

But it sure might seem that way.

At our core we are user experience strategists. We believe in understanding your target market and recommending relevant functions, content and graphic design. Our information architecture (organization), interaction design (clicks, rollovers and transitions), usability (intuitive and natural) approach ensures your UI will be more then just a pretty cake, it will taste good too!

It’s a magical thing when your website effectively converts visitors into brand loyalists. And then transforms those brand loyalists into vocal brand advocates who actively recruit new website visitors. How do we make that happen?

We develop interactive strategies and solutions that brings your brand, your products and your services to life in unique and compelling ways. And then we leverage those positive online experiences to create new ones.

So is it magic? No. Is it smart and savvy user experience? You bet it is!

Have you ever met anyone who looks like this?

Neither have we.

Yet many companies develop interactive strategies and solutions based on a two-dimensional understanding of their target users. At UX Designs, we excel at understanding people. And how people behave online. We go beyond the “who” and the “what” to uncover the “why.” This deep understanding of your target audience is the foundation for all of our award-winning interactive strategies and solutions.

What our clients say...

  • "Ed has been doing Information Architecture for a long, long time, and consequently comes to the table with deep knowledge, experience, and the confidence to tackle any business problem. His attention to detail is fantastic, and his thinking always well considered. Highly recommended.” - Alder Yarrow | Chief Experience Officer at Cibo
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Allison on several projects and she has always been a superstar and pleasure to work with. Allison is a User Experience expert who understands her clients and what drives their customers.” - Martin Pedersen | Managing Director at Stellar
  • "Ed is a professional through and through, and a master at his craft. He possesses an innate empathy for the user, which helps him listen, process, then create solutions to achieve goals and alleviate pain points. In a world where common sense is not so common, he infuses logic into that world in order to strike a harmonious balance between user experience, productivity, and results." - Kevin Mautino | Manager, Online Marketing Programs at Arbonne
  • "Looking for more than just another IA? Looking for an individual that has equal right brain, left brain capabilities? Need a team leader who leads by example? Then look no further.
    I partnered with Allison on dozens of site redesigns while at NextLeft and look forward to working with her again in the near future.” - Michael Holmes, RPS | President, Managing Director at Research Design LA
  • "Ed is an expert user experience architect. I would highly recommend him for an interactive project of any complexity.”- Peter Gorla | CMO & Travel Loyalty Program Executive
  • "Allison is one of the most innovative, strategic and detailed oriented minds I know. Coupled with her solid understanding of people, this makes her the best IA / UX person I have met to date - and I have worked with many!!! She is also a phenomenal mentor & leader. She is not afraid to take charge of any situation but unlike many leaders, she can also sit back & listen to those around her. Although it was a few years ago, her thoughts, philosophies and methods still inspire me. She is a true genius!!”- Sadia Mir | Senior User Experience Designer / Information Architect at ICF Interactive
  • "Through persona development, IA and usability, he has helped us stay focused on high impact/low cost improvements in order to make the most of our budgets - especially important in today's economic environment. I value his consultative approach and highly recommend his work.” - Denita Raymont | Interactive Manager, Web Services, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies - Americas
  • "Allison is an extremely insightful user experience designer and information architect with an uncanny eye for detail in her work. While working with her at Sapient, Allison was able to derive the essence of an interaction design problem and generate usable, useful and desirable solution for the client. I would recommend Allison as a UX designer, information architect or UX professional.” - David Garner | Senior Principal UX Designer at Dell
  • "Ed expertise and in the area of online customer experience was invaluable to our project. He met his deliverable deadlines on time and frequently accelerated the turn around time. Ed is dependable and takes great pride in providing excellent service.” - Roberto Munoz | Project Manager at Sempra Energy
  • "Ed is one of the most professional and knowledgeable consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. Our client, who is a close friend of mine and sometimes hard to please, has said to me that Ed saved the project we all were working on because of his talent and skill with UI design.” - Mark Geiger | Senior IT Staffing and Solutions Account Executive
  • "Ed is a thinker who can fill in the unknowns. Not only does he know how to ask the right questions, but he can run with it if he doesn't get the right answers. This kind of problem solver is valuable on any team.” - Chris Varosy | Partner, Creative at Primitive Spark